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13 April 2020
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13 April 2020

Beard Soap – Black Rock


Beard Soap

Black Rock, healthy, fresh & Stylish beard soap. 90-110 gram

You’re wondering why you need Black Rock, right? We at Original Barbam have been asked many times by our Originals (Barbam users), why is there no beard soap, when is it coming, we need another great product. So we listen to them and their demands and created something they needed.

You have been growing your beard, taking care of it for a long time, but you missed the right base…you’re not the only one, we did as well. We have been working on this beard soap for a while and now its here, ready to be rubbed in your bushy face, don’t drop it… Black Rock loves to cover your beard in its thick white foam to clean it from dust, old oils and getting it ready for a fresh treatment. Black Rock is made out of natural ingredients, which means you can use it everyday for your beard or hair.

After the wash, apply beard balm & beard oil.

Check our instagram and see what the Originals think of Black Rock, and make sure you get it yourself.

Ingredients: Argan oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sheabutter, Active charcoal, Essential oils, Citrus grass & Mint.


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