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8 August 2020
Green Apple Beard balm 30gr
Green Apple Beard Balm 30gr
12 August 2020

Green Apple Beard Oil 10ml


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Green Apple Beard Oil 10ml

Who doesn’t like fresh apples? Our green apple beard oil has a fresh scent that won’t overpower too much. It’ll have you feeling fresh, full of energy, almost youthful again! Like the other oils its a must have for every type of beard, it ensures your beard gets the treatment it deserves. The formula of Barbam beard oil feeds the hair follicles and skin with essential oils, vitamins and minerals, which are essential for a healthy beard, but also to stimulate the beard growth.

Original Barbam beard oil gives the beard a soft touch, fresh scent and a healthy look.

Easy steps of how to use our beard oil:
Spray slowly a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand.
Spread between both palms.
Apply to your beard and massage into your skin.
Comb your beard to spread the oil around evenly.
Use with our beard balm for the best results!

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