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13 April 2020
13 April 2020

Dark Beard Balm 30gr


Dark Beard Balm 30gr (± 1oz)

Imagine the brooding scent of masculinity that cries “Don’t double cross me!” Imagine you could bottle masculinity…what would it smell like? How would it make you feel? This masculine cinnamon fragrance is called DARK and specifically crafted for real men. It’s strong, mysterious and surprisingly refreshing…
This balm is a must to restrain your beard and keep it soft. Because of the natural composition, dark scent of cinnamon, your beard stays in top condition and nurtured.

Combine Original Barbam beard oil & balm for the best result.

**Contains natural cinnamon essential oil, some people are allergic for it.**

Easy steps of how to use our beard balm:
Scrap a small amount of the balm into the palm of your hand.
Spread between both palms.
Apply to your beard and massage into your skin.
Comb your beard to spread the balm around evenly.
Use with our beard oil for the best results.

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